Practice areas:

Criminal liability of legal persons pursuant to D. Lgs. n. 231/2001

The founders of the firm have been working extensively and continuously for over 10 years to assist companies and legal entities (including companies registered abroad), operating in the most diverse sectors, in identifying the risks of crime and in the drafting and updating of the Models of organization, management and control referred to in art. 6 and 7 of D. Lgs. n. 231/2001 so as to make them effectively compliant with the law.

Permanent consultancy services are provided to Supervisory Bodies and various members of the Firm, including the founders, who hold the position of Chairman and/or effective member of such Bodies.

The partners assist legal entities pursuant to D. Lgs. n. 231/2001. In particular, they have defended companies in the context of criminal proceedings for serious cases of negligent crime.

The study provides its own legal, consulting and theoretical knowledge to conduct internal investigations when needed by endocorporate reports on (possible) violations of the law or of corporate policies.

Corporate and corporate crisis criminal law

The specific competences of the law firm in the field of criminal company law (i.e., false communications, infidelity) and in bankruptcy, stems from the experience of the founders and professionals in a significant number of trials in these areas, some of which are characterized by considerable complexity.

Consultancy is also offered with regard to the criminal aspects related to the business crisis, in collaboration with leading law and consulting firms. In particular, the firm helps to identify the signs or indicators of the crisis to allow the early activation of the alert procedures in order to gain the subsequent recognition of the cause of non criminality (referring to bankruptcy crimes) introduced by D. Lgs. No. 12 January 2019, N. 14.

In the out-of-court activity, BRB Law writes legal opinions and carries out counsulting activities for companies (their directors and auditors) in order to supply the awarness of the possible legal  outsomes that can derive from entrepreneurial choices.

Tax criminal law

From the experience gained through the participation in criminal proceedings concerning issues such as externalisation, and issues on the VAT and income declaration with the aggravation, in several cases, of the associative hypothesis, arises the specialist competence of the lawyers in legal assistance in the field of tax criminal law.

The expertise is completed the extra-judicial consulting that are provided to deliver to the leaders and to the administrative and financial managers of companies the clearest possible framework on the boundaries that separate tax avoidance from tax fraud.

BRB’s legal opinion was also requested with reference to voluntary disclosure.

Environmental criminal law

BRB founders have carried out judicial assistance activities on behalf of entrepreneurs, managers and employees of environmental companies in the context of criminal proceedings concerning both criminal and misdemeanor hypotheses, engaging in important seizure-related matters, which have been defined favourably and, in particular, without prejudice to the productivity of the companies involved.

Moreover, the firm has a consolidated know-how in the drafting of proxies and delegations systems in accordance with the evolution of the case law that tends towards the recognition of their relevance in criminal responsibility (for the purpose of exempting or mitigating the criminal liability of those delegating).

Criminal law of workplace health and safety

The range of cases assisted by this boutique is wide in the field of accidents at work and occupational diseases – for deadly and harmful events – following the violation of the relevant legislation (D. Lgs. n. 81/2008) in relation to both natural and legal persons.

The extensive consulting work carried out on an ongoing basis for groups and individual companies, in particular with regard to the development of appropriate proxies and delegations systems, is a reflection of the many years of experience in the judicial field.

Criminal law of the Public Administration

BRB Law is active in judicial assistance in the area of activity of crimes against the Public Administration, having its founders assume the defensive mandate in multiple cases, some of which followed on a mass-media level.

The services provided are completed by out-of-court consulting, as well as by the deepening of issues concerning the legislative innovations and their impact on the discipline of the D. Lgs. n. 231/2001.

Anti-corruption plans have also been developed.

Industrial criminal law

The firm provides legal assistance to trademark and patent holders who have been affected by infringement or alteration.

In this regard, BRB has gained significant in-court experience in the protection of industrial property rights, even obtaining seizures of large amounts of counterfeit material.

Advice and assistance in this area of criminal law can be provided on an ongoing basis.

Criminal law relating to building and town planning

The firm offers and guarantees assistance both at the procedural level and at the consulting level. The founders of BRB have followed several criminal proceedings, some of which, for the type of issues dealt with, have allowed to deepen relevant and complex issues.

Banking and financial market criminal law

The study of the law and the deepening of the jurisprudential evolution in this specific area, together with the procedural experience (specificly of one of the founders) deriving from the assistance of banking operators in judicial proceedings, allows BRB Law to perform defensive and consulting activities on criminal banking and financial law.

Privacy criminal law

In this practice area the law firm guarantees its professionals’ know-how on counseling and in court.

Criminal law and the media

BRB has a remarkable case experience on criminal proceedings reale to offences of the honour.

Specificly, many criminal proceedings have been carried out for aggravated defamation via press and social networks.

Legal opinions on the criminal relevance of phrases contained in articles or other types of pubblications are issued.

Criminal liability of health professionals (doctors and nurses)

The firm provides consistent advice and assistance in favour of a well-known Nursing Home. In addition, the founders have defended health prosessionals in criminal proceedings, some of which were characterized by considerable complexity as well as by strong interest of the press and the television.

The subject of criminal liability of doctors and nurses is, also, object of study research by one of our professionals.

Advice and non-criminal assistance provided by attorney Biancamaria Ricci in partnership with a firm of remarkable competence in the field of company law and crisis management.


Advice and assistance in the drafting of contracts are guaranteed to our clients, even in English, both at national and international level.

Corporate law

BRB Law advises on all aspects of company law with reference to the settlement of matters related to corporate governance, offering assistance to clients, inter alia, on the validity of the systems of proxies, the responsibility of the members of the corporate boards, the drafting of shareholders' agreements, the due diligence activities.

The firm also provides specialized advice on shareholders' meetings and meetings of the board of directors, as well as in the ordinary management.

Intellectual property

The Firm assists clients in relation to the activities necessary to comply with the applicable patent and trademark laws, offering its support in the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements, including agreements for the assignment and licensing of trademarks, patents, and/or know-how in different fields


BRB Law offers its assistance on litigation in the practice area of corporate law, bankrupcty, intellectual property and patent law as well as in commercial contracts.